The World According to Kissinger

How to Defend Global Order

Wolfgang Ischinger
The World According to Kissinger
With the existing world order under assault, Henry Kissinger still champions the traditional building blocks of the international system—sovereign states—even as he recognizes the rising influence of global markets and liberal values.

ISIS' Next Prize

Geoffrey Howard
ISIS is no longer just an Iraq and Syria problem. For months now, the terrorist group has been pushing into Libya as well.

Bibi Bother

Lisa Goldman
Commentators are arguing about whether Netanyahu is damaging Israel’s security by alienating Obama. It seems unlikely that the White House will cut back on military aid or stop vetoing anti-Israel legislation at the UN.
Capsule Review

Today's Book: Huck Finn's America

Walter Russell Mead

Mark Twain published The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn in 1884—a time not unlike the present, Levy argues, when authorities in the United States sought to strictly regulate the behavior of young people at the same time as they were dismantling racially progressive policies and laws.

Letter From
Will McGrath

Earlier this month, embattled Lesotho Prime Minister Tom Thabane addressed a raucous crowd of supporters in the rural district of Mokhotlong. The trip was one of many in the final campaign push before the country’s upcoming special election, which was previously slated for 2017 and is now scheduled for February 28.

Paul Vigna and Michael J. Casey

Cryptocurrencies could enable the often neglected developing world to tap into crucial banking services.

Kathryn Sikkink and Bridget Marchesi

In December 2014, Brazil’s National Truth Commission completed what may be Latin America’s last major investigation into human rights abuses during the twentieth century. The report names names and calls for prosecutions, but whether its findings will lead to justice for the victims remains an open question.

Ali Wyne

The strategy behind the U.S. pivot to Asia has a missing link: a stronger role in Latin America.

A Ukraine marine officer in September 2014.

We poll experts on whether they think the United States should arm Ukraine.

Rolf Mützenich

Despite being misdefined by proponents and detractors alike, a new détente with Russia offers a way out of a political and military stalemate in the Ukraine crisis.