Graduate School Forum: Career Development

Graduate School Forum: Career Development


When you are trying to conceptualize a career path for yourself, it is easy to identify high-profile jobs that look exciting and interesting but less easy to understand how you get from where you are now to there. Rarely today is building a career straightforward or even a straight trajectory—particularly in the international affairs field.

If there is one common characteristic I have seen among the careers of international affairs practitioners, it is the fluidity with which their career paths can navigate among various sectors. A person might leave graduate school for a position with their national government, then move on to a private sector company, only to later find themselves with an NGO. I have seen any combination of cross-sector career paths, and it is this wide variety of options that makes a professional education in international affairs so valuable.

As you will see in the following pages, these schools and others like them combine a sound mix of practical training in hard skills in such areas as management, policy analysis and quantitative calculation with issue-specific knowledge to address the myriad topics proliferating in the international realm.

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