Pakistan Powers Up - Opportunity in Crisis

A Sponsored Section from the March/April 2010 Issue

Pakistan Powers Up

Strategic Media continues its focus on Pakistan with Pakistan Powers Up, an overview of the challenges and opportunities in Pakistan’s power and energy sectors. With just 70 percent of Pakistan’s 176 million people having access to electricity, the government is working hard to revamp the generation and distribution networks and to achieve sufficient power supply for sustainable growth. For energy investors, Pakistan is now among the world’s hottest markets, having introduced a range of business-friendly incentives, such as a “one-window” facility for processing private power-generation projects above 50 megawatts and a host of other incentives aimed at lowering market risk. Meanwhile Pakistan has celebrated the largest ever oil and gas offloading in its history, granting exploration licenses for 41 exploration blocks. With an influx of foreign cash, technical know-how and a progressive new energy policy in place, Pakistan’s oil and gas sector looks poised for a renaissance.

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