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Among a growing number of websites and e-mail newsletters providing insight on China, the China Story stands out for the richness of its coverage of Chinese culture and history. The site is guided by the veteran Sinologist Geremie Barmé and informed by what he calls “New Sinology,” which emphasizes the continuity of China’s contemporary problems and debates with those of the country’s past. The material is infused with Barmé’s taste for the unconventional, affection for the Chinese language, and alternately playful and acerbic writing style. The site’s sketches of leading Chinese thinkers illustrate the vitality of Chinese intellectual life despite the state’s efforts to control it. The site also provides access to the China Story Yearbook series, which covers politics, law, foreign policy, the blogosphere, and other subjects, and to the online journal China Heritage Quarterly, which carries articles about the presence of the past in Chinese architecture, culture, and literature.

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