Andrew Nagorski

Review Essay
Andrew Nagorski

Vladimir Tismaneanu’s new book examines the evolving interpretations of communism and fascism. It turns out the two totalitarian ideologies had more in common than is often thought -- and the defenders of liberalism today would be well advised to learn from the struggles that brought them down.

Capsule Review
Walter Russell Mead

Public opinion plays an immense role in the development of American foreign policy, but the question of how Americans form their impressions of foreign leaders and regimes has not received the attention it deserves. Nagorski’s brisk and engaging account of American encounters with Nazi Germany is helpful in this regard.

Andrew Nagorski

Austria's elevation of the bigoted Jörg Haider has the rest of Europe fuming. But before rushing to judgment, the continent should review its own record of past wrongs.

Review Essay
Andrew Nagorski

This powerful movie treats death-camp horrors in isolation, a flaw that limits its use as an educational tool and may help perpetuate old recriminations.

Capsule Review
John C. Campbell
Andrew Nagorski

American optimism about East Asia, in precious short supply only a few years earlier, was abundantly available in 1980. "The arc from Korea through Taiwan and the Philippines, at the very center of great power rivalry for much of this century, is less subject to these strains today than at any time in well over forty years," Assistant Secretary of State Richard Holbrooke declared in June. Such pronouncements by U.S. policymakers were understandable: East Asia offered far more possibilities--for diplomatic overtures, for expanding trade--than anyone dared predict during the Vietnam era. But in 1980 enough warning signals were flashing throughout the region to suggest the need for a more balanced--and less buoyant--assessment.