Ashley J. Tellis

Capsule Review
Andrew J. Nathan

With the recent global economic crisis, the West has stumbled. Garnaut's book is chiefly about why, Dobson's is chiefly about how, and the Strategic Asia volume examines the resulting strategic shift toward Asia.

Stephen P. Cohen, C. Christine Fair, Sumit Ganguly, Shaun Gregory, Aqil Shah, and Ashley J. Tellis

A Foreign Affairs roundtable discussion on the causes of instability in Pakistan and what, if anything, can be done about them.

Review Essay
Sumit Ganguly

With its two nuclear tests in 1998, India provoked bitter international criticism and retaliatory tests from Pakistan. But in India's Emerging Nuclear Posture, Ashley Tellis argues that fears about nuclear instability in South Asia may be unfounded-and that the time has come for Washington to rethink its unyielding policy on nonproliferation.

Capsule Review
Francis Fukuyama