Bjørn Lomborg

Capsule Review
Nicolas van de Walle

Lomborg believes that better policies can come only from dispassionate cost-benefit analysis—which is just what his organization, the Copenhagen Consensus Center, claims to produce. In this book, he tackles the HIV/AIDS crisis in Africa.

Frances Beinecke; Dennis Meadows; Jørgen Randers; John Harte and Mary Ellen Harte; Bjørn Lomborg

The warnings of The Limits to Growth were far more prescient than Bjørn Lomborg suggests, argue several critics, including two of the book’s authors. No they weren’t, Lomborg insists. 


Bjørn Lomborg

Forty years ago, the Club of Rome produced a best-selling report warning humanity that its escalating wants were on a collision course with the world’s finite resources and that the only way to avoid a crash was to stop chasing economic growth. The predictions proved spectacularly wrong. But the environmental alarmism they engendered persists, making it harder for policymakers to respond rationally to real problems today.