Ellen M. Lust

Lindsay Benstead, Ellen M. Lust, Jakob Wichmann

Nearly two years after NATO’s much-hailed intervention in Libya, observers fear that the country could become a failed state. Nevertheless, Libyans are optimistic about the country's future -- and for good reason.

Lindsay Benstead, Ellen M. Lust, Dhafer Malouche, Gamal Soltan, and Jakob Wichmann

Skeptics about the prospects of democracy in the Middle East argue that the Arab Spring has turned into an Islamist winter. But as a new study shows, instead of fretting over Islamists, the international community would do better to help Egypt and Tunisia strengthen their political institutions and reform their economies.

Capsule Review
Nicolas van de Walle

These two collections assess the prospects for positive change in sub-Saharan Africa. Crawford and Lynch survey the region’s political progress and generally find it wanting. Lust and Ndegwa’s book is considerably more optimistic.