James Fallows

Review Essay
James Fallows

James Fallows reviews a collection of works for "Books for the World Ahead."

Paul R. Pillar, Fawaz A. Gerges, Jessica Stern, James Fallows, and John Mueller

In this special feature, James Fallows, Fawaz Gerges, Paul R. Pillar, and Jessica Stern respond to John Mueller's article "Is There Still a Terrorist Threat?" from the September/October issue of Foreign Affairs and assess the state of the "war on terror" five years after 9/11.

This article appears in the Foreign Affairs eBook, "The U.S. vs. al Qaeda: A History of the War on Terror." Now available for purchase.

Review Essay
Michael M. Mochizuki

Even as Japan struggles to redefine itself, the nation's future may look a lot like its past. Excellent new books by James Fallows, Richard J. Samuels, and John W. Dower find that Japan's passive foreign policy, "technonationalism," and economic chauvinism are likely to endure.

Capsule Review
Andrew J. Pierre