Sebastian Strangio

Capsule Review
Andrew J. Nathan

In Cambodia, democracy is a mirage; so are constitutionalism, civil society, the rule of law, transitional justice, poverty reduction, media freedom, and environmental conservation.

Letter From
Sebastian Strangio

The Cambodian national election this Sunday will almost certainly propel the country’s sitting prime minister, the 61-year-old Hun Sen, into his fourth decade of rule. Washington's recent push to cast Hun Sen in the role of regional pariah is counterproductive, undermining both the wider aims of its pivot to Asia and any chance of nudging Cambodia in a more democratic direction.

Sebastian Strangio

Critics accused U.S. President Barack Obama of acting prematurely by traveling to Myanmar, a country whose democratic transition is still woefully incomplete. But the real reason for the rapid thaw in U.S.-Myanmar ties is geopolitical: both countries want to offset China’s influence in the region.