Shlomo Avineri

Shlomo Avineri

During the run up to the recent election, Israelis were less focused than usual on the Palestinian issue. But the current stalemate is untenable, and the next government will have to consider feasible ways to move forward, with an eye toward the lessons from similar conflicts such as those in Cyprus, Bosnia, Kosovo, and Kashmir.

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Shlomo Avineri

Intelligent observers of Europe in the 1930s thought its future belonged to communism or fascism and would have ridiculed the notion that decades later the entire continent would be democratic. New books by Jan-Werner Müller and Eric Hobsbawm illuminate the changing fortunes of the continent’s great ideologies.

Shlomo Avineri

Close economic cooperation between Israel and the Palestinians will only nurture Palestinian dependency and perpetuate frictions.

Shlomo Avineri

Despite the hectic diplomatic activity of the last few months, peace in the Middle East seems as elusive today as ever. Sadat's dramatic visit to Jerusalem less than a year ago appears now as a semi-legendary event that must have happened eons ago, hardly related to the real texture of Israeli-Arab relations. Both sides have reverted to accusations and counter-accusations, questions and counter-questions, and appear to be bogged down in a procedural quagmire, with a harassed United States serving as a go-between, desperately trying to keep the flicker of hope from being extinguished.