Thanassis Cambanis

Capsule Review
John Waterbury

Cambanis’ remarkable account of Egypt’s 2011 uprising and 2013 counterrevolution is built on his firsthand reporting. His analysis is sharp, and he does not hold back when it comes to graphically depicting the Egyptian state’s violence against its own people.

Thanassis Cambanis

The latest round of fighting in Gaza gave Hamas room to paper over growing rifts between its Gaza-based leadership and its leadership in exile. But eventually the group will need to resolve internal disputes over working with Iran, working with Arab capitals, and negotiating with Israel -- or face decline.

Capsule Review
L. Carl Brown

In an often discursive, largely first-person narrative, Cambanis presents an impressive organization, bearing the awesome title "Party of God," that is virtually a state within the state of Lebanon.

News & Events
Thanassis Cambanis and Joshua Yaffa

Foreign Affairs hosts a talkback after a performance of the Broadway play "Time Stands Still" with cast members and journalists who cover conflict zones.

Letter From
Thanassis Cambanis

When faced with an economic blockade or diplomatic isolation, Hamas has leveraged its position into either greater control over Gaza or greater political influence beyond its boundaries. Such a policy of opportunism has allowed Hamas to outmaneuver policymakers in Israel and the United States.