Tony Judt

Capsule Review
Andrew Moravcsik

The late Judt was among the West’s leading public intellectuals and among the greatest intellectual historians of the West.

Tony Judt

The disappearance of work and widespread dislocation in Europe and the United States pose once again the nineteenth-century "Social Question": how to secure economic progress in light of the political and moral threat posed by the condition of the working class? The solution then was state action, which, contrary to today's neoliberal orthodoxy, fostered economic growth. The state cannot be abandoned now; Europeans won't go for it. It is the only protection from global market forces and the only forum for politics. But the left must stop protecting the status quo and give up unaffordable policies if it is to bring in the excluded and avert extremism.

Review Essay
Stanley Hoffmann

Tony Judt is right to have doubts about the future of European union, but his jeremiad lacks an eye for detail.