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With the Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham still on the rampage and at the top of the U.S. national security agenda, we at Foreign Affairs have put together this companion eBook to Endgame in Iraq, in which our authors carefully examine the nature of the ISIS threat, the current state of the war against it, and the options for what to do next.

The annual World Economic Forum meeting in Davos, Switzerland, is the premier gathering place for the global elite. As background reading, the 2015 attendees received a special Foreign Affairs book produced just for them: The New Global Context: A Davos Reader.

Catch up on everything you've missed in 2014—from John Mearsheimer on the West's responsibility for the Ukraine crisis, to Elizabeth Economy on Xi Jinping's seizure of power in China, to Tyler Cowen's evisceration of Thomas Piketty's bestseller on economic inequality, and 17 more.

After the latest round of Middle East peace talks collapsed earlier this year, it was only a matter of time before Israelis and Palestinians came to blows yet again. Our latest eBook, Clueless in Gaza, brings together top-notch experts from all perspectives to tell the full story of the recent fighting, from causes to consequences

Ever since the United States invaded Iraq in 2003, the questions about what would follow Saddam and what role the United States would play in Iraq’s ultimate destiny have been controversial and hotly debated. To help you understand today’s headlines, we’ve pulled together the best of our coverage in a new eBook, Endgame in Iraq.

Twenty-five years after the protests, we are delighted to bring you Tiananmen and After, which includes a trove of secret documents showing why China’s leaders opted for violence at Tiananamen Square along with expert commentary on what happened back in June 1989, what it meant, and how China has—and hasn’t—changed since then.

Crisis in Ukraine sets the intellectual stage for understanding the turmoil in eastern Europe, what is really at stake, and what will come next.

This special collection pulls together a broad range of pieces that illuminate Iran’s turn toward negotiations, the pros and cons of the interim agreement, and the geopolitical and psychological intricacies of the crucial U.S.-Iranian-Israeli triangle.

Foreign Affairs has pulled together ten of our top print pieces and ten Web-only ones in this special collection. It includes everything from diplomacy and national security to economics to science and technology to culture, all done with our signature combination of expertise and accessibility.

Masters of International Relations gathers together a few of the most recent articles in Foreign Affairs from some of the leading lights in international relations, showing just how the gap between scholars and policymakers can and should be bridged.