Iran and the Bomb 2

A New Hope

No issue on the foreign policy agenda is more controversial than how to deal with Iran’s nuclear program, and Foreign Affairs continues to dominate the debate.

This special collection, Iran and the Bomb 2: A New Hope, pulls together a broad range of pieces that illuminate Iran’s turn toward negotiations, the pros and cons of the interim agreement, and the geopolitical and psychological intricacies of the crucial U.S.-Iranian-Israeli triangle. The authors include world-renowned experts from several disciplines and professional backgrounds, and their arguments span every significant position on the political spectrum.

Iran and the Bomb 2: A New Hope offers an excellent overview of the current situation and all the material required for readers to develop their own opinions about how to proceed.

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Don't miss out on Iran and the Bomb: Solving the Persian Puzzle featuring highlights from three decades of Foreign Affairs coverage of the topic.

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116 pp.
Publishing date: February 2014
ISBN: 9780876095836