The Best of 2013

Our Picks From Print and Web

2013 has been a great year for Foreign Affairs, and we’re delighted to bring some its highlights to you in this special collection. We’ve pulled together ten of our top print pieces and ten Web-only ones to give you a sample of the full range of content we offer. You’ll find everything from diplomacy and national security to economics to science and technology to culture, all done with our signature combination of expertise and accessibility.

Inside, you’ll find “Generation Kill,” an interview with retired U.S. General Stanley McChrystal, in which he explains just how he revolutionized American strategy in the war on terror; “The Rise of Big Data,” everything you need to know about the hottest trend in the technosphere (not to mention in international politics, thanks to the NSA and the Snowden revelations); “How Yemen Chewed Itself Dry,” a look at the havoc that Yemen’s qat habit is wreaking on the country’s agricultural system and environment; “Where Have All the Workers Gone?,” why people-rich China is facing labor shortages that will make governance and future development difficult; “Google’s Original X-Man,” a portrait of the smartest guy you’ll ever meet, robotics genius Sebastian Thrun, who’s moved from driverless cars and Google Glass to trying to disrupt the entire field of education; and more.

Find your own favorites, and come back in 2014 for even more gems.

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