The Clash of Civilizations? The Debate

The second edition of The Clash of Civilizations? The Debate -- which includes contemporary additions -- is available here.

In 1993, Samuel P. Huntington asserted in the pages of Foreign Affairs that world politics was entering a new phase, one in which cultural differences in religion, history, language, and tradition were replacing Cold War tensions and would soon become the world's fundamental points of conflict. Huntington's striking thesis elicited both criticism and praise from the media and political experts around the world.  Even today, "The Clash of Civilizations?" continues to be a touchstone in global politics as writers passionately debate its merits and propose alternative theories.

This collection -- required reading for any student of International Relations and Political Science -- presents Samuel Huntington's original, seminal essay followed by critical responses published in Foreign Affairs. It includes the author's reply to his critics and is a useful lens for examining the enduring question of how to understand world conflict.

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Publishing date: 1996
ISBN: 876091648