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Foreign Affairs Books

Foreign Affairs Books are collections of seminal essays which first appeared in the pages of Foreign Affairs. Whether policy analysis, reportage or review essay each piece offers lasting value. Collectively these articles frame current debates over crucial issues in American foreign policy and world politics. You can find ordering information for Foreign Affairs Books on the individual book pages listed below.

Ever since the United States invaded Iraq in 2003, the questions about what would follow Saddam and what role the United States would play in Iraq’s ultimate destiny have been controversial and hotly debated. To help you understand today’s headlines, we’ve pulled together the best of our coverage in a new eBook, Endgame in Iraq.

Twenty-five years after the protests, we are delighted to bring you Tiananmen and After, which includes a trove of secret documents showing why China’s leaders opted for violence at Tiananamen Square along with expert commentary on what happened back in June 1989, what it meant, and how China has—and hasn’t—changed since then.

Customized Textbooks

We are pleased to announce a new partnership with University Readers, an easy-to-use online course-pack builder. This online collection includes over 600 articles and white papers, and all of the content is pre-cleared for permission and ready for customization.

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Reading Lists

Reading List,
Joel D. Barkan

An annotated Foreign Affairs syllabus on Kenya.

Reading List,
Charles King

An annotated Foreign Affairs syllabus on the Caucasus.

Reading List,
Cynthia McClintock

An annotated Foreign Affairs syllabus on Peruvian politics.

Classics in the Classroom

Presenting rigorous thinking in an accessible style, Foreign Affairs performs an especially valuable service for students and educators. The magazine’s archive offers a trove of resource material with seminal articles on IR theory and practical case studies drawn from real policy challenges. Composed by the editorial board of our Among Nations custom textbook program, these discussion questions are designed to open up lively classroom discussion in  your survey and seminar courses.