End of Days for Assad?

The Uprising in Syria and Washington's Response

Cracks in the House of Assad
Why a Supposedly Stable Regime Looks Fragile

Michael Bröning
Recent protests have shaken Bashar al-Assad's rule more than seemed possible two months ago. Contrary to expectations, his use of violence has not deterred demonstrators and his promises of reform have not appeased them.

Assad Won't Reform
What the Recent Violence Means for Syria (and the United States)

Tony Badran
Some argue that Bashar al-Assad could still appease protesters through reforms. But anger is now far too widespread for such measures to work.

Obama's Push-Pull Strategy
How Washington Should Plan for a Post-Assad Syria
Mara E. Karlin and Andrew J. Tabler
It is time for Washington to plan for a Syria without the Assad regime as it currently exists. To do so, Washington should try to push Assad from power while pulling in a new leadership.