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Essay, 2014
Robert D. Crews

Muslims in Russia have increasingly embraced different and competing religious orientations, even as the Putin government has worked hard to co-op the country’s Muslim population for its own political goals, both foreign and domestic.

Essay, Jan/Feb 2014
Ashton B. Carter

The Department of Defense is good at anticipating future military needs but not at responding quickly to immediate technological challenges on the battlefield. This is how we tried to get around that problem in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Essay, Jan/Feb 2014
Lane Kenworthy

Obamacare’s success will not mean a leap to socialism, nor would its failure mean the end of liberalism. What the ACA really represents is yet another step on the United States' long, halting journey away from the classical liberal capitalist state and toward a peculiarly American version of social democracy.

Essay, Jan/Feb 2014
David M. Lampton

The cliché that China has experienced economic reform but not political reform since the beginning of the Deng Xiaoping era obscures some important truths: China’s leaders have become weaker, its society has fractured, and its people have grown more empowered.

Essay, Jan/Feb 2014
Stewart Patrick

International cooperation is increasingly taking place outside formal institutions, as frustrated actors turn to informal groups and ad hoc venues. The resulting clutter may be unsightly, but it’s here to stay -- so the challenge is to make it work as well as possible.

Essay, Jan/Feb 2014
Michael J. Mazarr

As the recent era of interventionist U.S. state building draws to a close, it is time to acknowledge it was flawed not only in execution, but also in conception. Washington's obsession with weak states was more of a mania than a sound strategic doctrine.

Essay, Jan/Feb 2014
Carla A. Hills

In the 20 years since the North American Free Trade Agreement entered into force, the agreement has proved to be an economic boon. But if North America is to remain a uniquely competitive region, it will need to build on NAFTA’s success by opening markets beyond its borders.

Essay, Jan/Feb 2014
Michael Wilson

Although the North American Free Trade Agreement succeeded in liberalizing trade, over the 20 years since the treaty entered into force, it has failed to deepen links between the Canadian, U.S., and Mexican economies. It’s not too late to play catch-up, so policymakers should tear down the remaining barriers to complete economic integration.

Essay, Jan/Feb 2014
Jorge G. Castañeda

Twenty years after the North American Free Trade Agreement came into effect, the deal has brought neither the huge gains its proponents promised nor the dramatic losses its adversaries warned of. For Mexico, NAFTA did increase exports, but its impact on spurring economic growth and creating jobs has been less clear-cut.

Essay, Nov/Dec 2013
Jose W. Fernandez

Investing in international infrastructure development, a $60 trillion dollar industry, is not only about dollars and cents, it is also a strategic imperative. Yet the United States has failed to become a significant player in the field. American companies need Washington’s help to get into the game.

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