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The Sky’s the Limit—If the FAA Will 
Get Out of the Way

Gretchen West
Blades of glory: at a trade fair in Hanover, Germany, March 2014
Blades of glory: at a trade fair in Hanover, Germany, March 2014 (Reuters / Fabrizio Bensch)
The commercial use of unmanned drones, in everything from farming to bridge inspection, has nearly unlimited potential. But right now, the industry’s takeoff is being blocked by a giant obstacle in the way: the Federal Aviation Administration.

Who Lost Libya?

Derek Chollet and Ben Fishman; Alan J. Kuperman
For Derek Chollet and Ben Fishman, former officials in the Obama administration, the 2011 U.S.-led military intervention in Libya was the right thing to do even with the chaos there today. Not so, replies Alan Kuperman.

China Comes to Djibouti

John Lee
Tiny Djibouti in the Horn of Africa is a key strategic outpost for U.S. armed forces. But with China getting in on the act, Washington would do well to pay more attention to the country—or risk losing its foothold there.
Capsule Review

Today's Book: Inside the Brotherhood

John Waterbury
The portrait of Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood that emerges from this lively book is hardly flattering, highlighting the group’s anti-intellectualism and its emphasis on faith and action over analysis.