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Flying High

The Improbable Rise of the Gulf Airlines

Jim Krane
An Emirates Airbus A380 at Dubai International Airport, July 2008.
An Emirates Airbus A380 at Dubai International Airport, July 2008. (Jumana El Heloueh / Reuters)
The Persian Gulf's state-owned airlines are already major global brands associated with hospitality, convenience, and safety. And even as conflicts rage nearby, they're still ascending. Their arrival has been to the airline business -- and could be to regional politics -- what the dreadnought battleship was to naval supremacy: a game changer.

The End of Swedish Exceptionalism

Bo Rothstein
The days of Swedish exceptionalism are over. The country no longer has an exceptionally strong social democracy. Its level of inequality is no longer exceptionally low, and its level of public spending will no longer be exceptionally high. From now on, it will be closer to average.

Size Doesn't Matter

Fiona Hill and Jeremy Shapiro
Whether or not the Scottish independence movement succeeds, Scotland will not be Europe's last region to seek a similar deal. The protective embrace of the EU has made secession an attractive option for any place with a regional identity, ambitious politicians, and a loathing of its capital city.

Video: Evan Osnos on China

Justin Vogt and Evan Osnos discuss Chinese spirituality, Beijing's censorship of journalists, and Xi's aggressive anticorruption campaign.