July 1941

July 1941
19, 4


Francis Pickens Miller

Editor's Note: The accompanying insert map of the Atlantic area, prepared for FOREIGN AFFAIRS by William Briesemeister of the American Geographical Society, differs in several respects from more familiar maps on such projections as the Mercator. The projection on which this map is drawn is "oblique," "zenithal" and "equal-area." In the present case, the center of the projection is at latitude 20 degrees N., longitude 30 degrees W. By using this center the cartographer has been able to show the entire north polar area with comparatively little distortion, which would not have been the case if he had used the more usual position directly over the Equator. Because the map is equal-area, linear distances cannot be scaled from it with accuracy. The figures in red refer to distances in statute miles.

William Diebold, Jr.
William Adams Brown, Jr.

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