Summer 1992

Summer 1992
71, 3


Norman J. Ornstein

Jeremiad against the "disgust, disaffection and disarray" now evident in US politics.

David L. Boren

Without basic overhaul of methods and personnel, the US intelligence community "will become an expensive and irrelevant dinosaur just when America most needs information and insight". There should be a shift of focus, from NTM (national technical means) to humint, and of expertise from military to commercial.

Ernest R. May

The main premises and objectives of the Boren and McCurdy bills on reorganization of the US intelligence community are clearly right, but they have certain features inconsistent with those promises (1) the assumption that the NSC "will remain the paramount policy forum for the President", when it is "in some respects an anachronism" (2) the proposed centralization of budget control under the DNI (3) the proposal to remove certain analysis functions from the CIA would result in its becoming more like the 'dirty tricks' organization that its "dubious image" already presents it as being (4) the proposed new Directorate for Estimates and Analysis ignores the historically-proven need for competition, rather than centralization, in this area.

Angelo M. Codevilla

"The first Italian republic is all but dead... anti-communism was the only reason why the Italian people tolerated it. As soon as they were able to junk the systems safely, they set about the task with gusto... Much more difficult to foresee is the process by which Italians will tackle the vested interests and habits that the first republic will leave behind".

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