July/August 2008

July/August 2008
87, 4


Condoleezza Rice

The Secretary of State reflects on the lessons of the past eight years.

Walter Russell Mead

The real key to Washington’s pro-Israel policy is long-lasting and broad-based support for the Jewish state among the American public at large.

Elizabeth C. Economy and Adam Segal

Failure to plan for predictable problems has turned China's coming-out party into an embarrassment.

C. Fred Bergsten

Beijing is shirking its responsibilities to the global economy. To encourage better behavior, Washington should offer to share global economic leadership.

David G. Victor and Sarah Eskreis-Winkler

Oil stocks can help buffer economic shocks, but only if Washington radically reforms its handling of them.

Robert A. Pastor

It's time to integrate further with Canada and Mexico, not separate from them.

James P. Rubin

How the United States can restore its relationship with Europe.

July/August 2008

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Reviews & Responses

Review Essay
Eva Bellin

Washington can promote political reform best by backing off.

Review Essay
Daniel C. Kurtzer

Stopping three decades of unnecessary bungling.

Review Essay
Andrew J. Bacevich

Robert Kagan's Return of History ignores the Iraqi elephant in the room.

Review Essay
Curtis A. Bradley

Benjamin Wittes’ Law and the Long War is required reading for anyone interested in the legal challenges posed by the war on terror.

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