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How the West Broke Its Promise to Moscow
By Joshua R. Itzkowitz Shifrinson

During negotiations over German reunification in 1990, did the United States promise the Soviet Union that NATO would not expand into eastern Europe? The answer remains subject to heated debate. Today, Moscow defends its invasion of Ukraine by claiming that NATO reneged on a promise to stay out of Russia’s...

Asia for the Asians Asia for the Asians
Why Chinese-Russian Friendship Is Here To Stay
By Gilbert Rozman

Recently, China and Russia have challenged the international order by giving each other diplomatic backing to confront Ukraine and Hong Kong, respectively. But Western observers have mostly misunderstood the countries' reasons for building closer ties with each other. They have been motivated less by shared material interests than by a common sense of national identity that defines itself in opposition to the West and in support of how each views the legacy of traditional communism. Moscow and Beijing have disagreements about the future order they envision for their regions. But they agree that the geopolitical order of the East should be in opposition to that of the West—and that has led to significantly closer bilateral...

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Middle East in Transition: The Need for Dialogue and Reconciliation

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As an independent and non-governmental institution, MERI is at the forefront of the social, economic and political debates that shape the Middle East.

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