Educator - January 2009

Educator - January 2009

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Dear Educator,

"To combine experience with fresh thinking," was President-elect Barack Obama's declared goal in selecting his Cabinet. Learn more about the policy views of his appointees by reading their recent contributions to Foreign Affairs.

Robert M. Gates, who has agreed to stay on as Secretary of Defense, takes a critical look at the Pentagon in "A Balanced Strategy," the lead essay in the January/February 2009 Foreign Affairs. In this special web preview, you can read about his initiative to complement the Pentagon's strength in conventional warfare with stronger counterinsurgency capabilities.

Other key Cabinet appointees include Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State and Bill Richardson as Secretary of Commerce; both contributed to our Campaign 2008 series. We will soon see how closely these articles, along with Obama's "Renewing American Leadership," track with the next four years of foreign policy.

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  • Faculty Spotlight — Maria Victoria Murillo, Columbia University

James F. Hoge, Jr.

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A Balanced Strategy

By Robert M. Gates (Jan/Feb 2009)

The Pentagon has to do more than modernize its conventional forces; it must also focus on today's unconventional conflicts — and tomorrow's.

Security and Opportunity for the Twenty-first Century

By Hillary Rodham Clinton (Nov/Dec 2007)

"We must get out of Iraq, rediscover the value of statesmanship, and live up to the democratic values that are the deepest source of our strength."

A New Realism

By Bill Richardson (Jan/Feb 2008)

"The next president needs to signal that America will once again be a leader rather than a unilateralist loner."

Renewing American Leadership

By Barack Obama (Jul/Aug 2007)

"The American moment is not over, but it must be seized anew. America cannot meet this century's challenges alone; the world cannot meet them without America."

Faculty Spotlight — Maria Victoria Murillo

Maria Victoria MurilloMaria Victoria Murillo is an Associate Professor of Political Science and International Affairs at Columbia University. Her research focuses on labor politics, political parties, the political economy of policymaking, regulatory politics, and institutional weakness in Latin America.

In her "Latin American Political Economy" class, Professor Murillo asks students to read "An Empty Revolution: The Unfulfilled Promises of Hugo Chávez" (Mar/Apr 2008) by Francisco Rodríguez. She had also included "Latin America's Left Turn" (May/Jun 2006) by Jorge G. Castañeda in her classes.

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Foreign Affairs: Background on the News

Updates on classic Foreign Affairs articles

India's 9/11
Terrorists recently struck in a series of coordinated attacks across Mumbai, leaving nearly 200 dead. In a 2002 article in Foreign Affairs, former U.S. ambassador Dennis Kux examined India's response to the growing threat of sectarian terror, among other challenges. In a 2006 article, meanwhile, Sumit Ganguly analyzed the standoff between India and Pakistan and suggested a role for the United States in resolving it.

CFR Interactive: Global Economy in Crisis

Global Economy in Crisis

The fabric of the U.S. financial sector began to fray in early 2007 with a spate of bankruptcies at companies specializing in risky subprime lending. That spark set off a conflagration, spreading first to the broader financial sector, then to the global economy.

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