Cote d'lvoire

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Essay, Jul/Aug 2011
Thomas J. Bassett and Scott Straus

In looking at the successful resolution of the political standoff in Côte d'Ivoire, most commentators have focused on the role of France and the UN. But this misses the real story: the critical role played by Africa's homegrown institutions.

Mike McGovern

The fall of Laurent Gbagbo was the result of a civil war many years in the making. Now, as Côte d'Ivoire eyes its political future, it is up to the international community to make sure that it helps more than it hurts.

Zachariah Mampilly

The Libyan opposition based in Benghazi is just the latest in a long history of rebel governments, from the U.S. Confederacy to the recently victorious opposition in Ivory Coast. Is it time for the international community to rethink the process of recognizing such de facto states?

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