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Lauren Carasik

If a decrease in border crossings is the metric upon which Obama's response to this summer's immigration crisis is judged, he has succeeded. But his is a hollow victory, particularly since it came at the cost of imperiling the lives of refugees the United States is bound to protect.

Oliver Kaplan and Michael Albertus

Even as Colombian troops fight FARC rebels in the jungle, the two sides are busy negotiating a peace deal. Land reform could pave the way to a lasting settlement and drive down the country’s inequality in the process.

Essay, Special 1986
Clifford Krauss

Assesses the status of revolutionary forces in Central America, arguing that none will be successful. Catholicism and conservatism have deeper roots than Marxism. Domino theory will not be demonstrated. Rebels in Nicaragua, El Salvador and Guatemala are unpopular and ineffective. Explains that US containment is the reason why the role of the USSR and its allies has been only one of assisting in defence and economic development of Nicaragua, and has been circumspect and miserly about activities in Central America. Continued US military reaction without diplomatic efforts will only de-stabilize the region.

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