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Letter From,
Dorn Townsend

A recent election in Trinidad and Tobago was a hopeful sign that the country is willing to take on its powerful drug gangs. But corruption and gang violence are entrenched forces that the new government may not be able to overcome. Is the country on the verge of unraveling?

Letter From,
John Rapley

Jamaica is not a modern nation-state but a neo-medieval one; rather than ruling directly, Jamaica's politicians have allowed latter-day barons -- bondholders and gang leaders -- to take over. With the arrest of one of the most powerful barons, will the country modernize?

Essay, Oct 1970
Michael Manley

In the long run it may yet transpire that the differences between stages of economic development as between various nations and regions of the world are a more important determinant of history than differences in ideology or systems of government. Religious wars are contested with fervor at the time; so are wars to make the world safe for democracy. But sooner or later, the economic historian presents an alternative analysis which seems to put the hysteria of yesteryear in a more realistic frame.

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