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Letter From,
Nicholas Fromherz

Bolivian President Evo Morales rose to power as a champion of indigenous rights and the environment. Now he has trampled both, undermined his authority, and thrown his future into question.

Michael Shifter

Shifter's update to his September/October 2004 essay "Breakdown in the Andes"

Essay, Sep/Oct 2004
Michael Shifter

The southern Andes, long known for social volatility and economic disarray, is on the verge of chaos. This need not be cause for fatalism, however. By reengaging with the region, Washington could help turn the political crises plaguing Peru, Ecuador, and Bolivia into opportunities for change.

Essay, Fall 1988
Bruce M. Bagley

Chronicles the rise to wealth and power of the Colombian drug lords and the efforts of the Bogotá government to destroy them, characterized as an extensive and protracted war often bilked by US policy. Examines how to make the war on drugs more co-operative and multilateral and concludes that "the principal challenge for US drug warriors is to develop a viable, long-term strategy for both demand and supply sides".

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