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Jan Joel Andersson

Western leaders should start booking flights to Stockholm and Helsinki to make the case that Sweden and Finland would not only be most welcome in NATO but that the countries have a responsibility to their own citizens -- as well as to the citizens of neighboring countries -- to join and become part of a long-term solution to counter Russia in Eastern Europe.

Essay, Fall 1992
John Lukacs

"The historical nature and development of Finnish-Russian relations... should tell us not only some things about Finland but also some seldom-recognized things about Russian foreign policy under Stalin".

Essay, Summer 1980
Max Jakobson

As history is written by the victors, so is the agenda of world politics dictated by the powerful. The themes and priorities of the international debate are set by a handful of politicians, officials, editors and scholars in half a dozen capitals: a form of cultural imperialism which is not rendered any less effective by its being unintended. The view of the world underlying influential analyses of international relations reflects primarily the interests and aspirations of the great powers. Smaller nations are treated as objects of policy, statistical units in categories of states classified in terms of their relationship to their respective protectors or oppressors, as ours and theirs--pawns to be gained or lost in the conflicts or deals between the great powers.

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