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Anna-Katarina Gravgaard and Hakon Mosbech

The Danish People’s Party, the long-successful anti-immigrant faction of Copenhagen politics, has served as inspiration to political factions across Europe for years. But as voters turn away, there is a chance that Europe may be changing, too.

Øyvind Strømmen

Like many of the violent jihadists he so feared, the man responsible for last week’s attacks in Norway seems to have been radicalized via the Internet.

Shoaib Sultan

The attacks in Norway last week targeted the very idea behind the country's multicultural society and, in particular, the place of Muslims within it. As Norway comes to terms with the tragedy, how will the fallout affect the country's Muslim community?

Essay, Fall 1981
Johan J. Holst

Nordic Europe has been a zone of stability in postwar Europe. Broad social consensus, economic growth and the development of welfare systems providing the basis for security as well as dignity for the individual, have contributed to a stable equilibrium between state and society. There is no irredentism at work, Finnish territorial concessions to the Soviet Union after the Second World War notwithstanding.

Essay, Oct 1953
John J. Teal, Jr.
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