Western Europe

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Philip Cowley

Ahead of the British general election this spring, both Labour and the Conservatives are acting confident that they will win outright. Recent polling suggests otherwise.

David Gordon and Thomas Wright

Greece's new leaders have effectively united Europe against them. To repair the damage and keep the country's economy afloat, they need to rethink their message and adjust their demands.

Gideon Rose and R. Daniel Kelemen

Despite all the grim predictions, the European Union is not on the verge of collapse. Quite the contrary: if European leaders act with resolve and persistence, the union could experience a rebirth.

Andrew Palmer

Wall Street may have helped engineer the economic crash of 2008 through its incessant experimentation, but not all familiar practices are safe and not all financial innovation is evil. The challenge is promoting innovation that helps improve lives and economic prospects rather than undermining them.

Omar G. Encarnación

After the radical-left Syriza party came to power in Greece, attention has turned to Spain's Podemos—a leftist party gaining traction in the polls—that could matter even more for European austerity policies.

Jonathan Laurence

Although the absolutism of French republican ideals has inspired democracies worldwide for centuries, it has only been France's gradual adjustment of those ideals to social and demographic realities—first to its Jewish population and in the future, perhaps, to the Muslim community or to the right—that afforded the country lasting political stability.

Paul Hockenos

Before the bloodshed in Paris, Pegida and its variants across the country, which oppose the “Islamization of Christian Europe” and Germany’s “foreign infiltration,” were faltering. No longer.

Robin Simcox

Recent history has shown that there will always be a new jihadist cause. If it is not France’s involvement in Libya in 2011, then it is its invasion of Mali in January 2013; if it is not foreign policy, it is domestic; if it is not banning head scarves in public, it is drawing insulting cartoons. That is why, even as governments look to the recent attacks for lessons, they cannot allow them to dictate policies.

Jytte Klausen

The death toll makes this week’s attack the most significant on French soil since the Nazi occupation—a huge milestone in al Qaeda’s campaign against the West.

Petr Polak

An energy union might give Europe more leverage over Russia’s gas monopoly, but it will also be difficult to implement without setting off a diplomatic energy battle between Poland and Germany.

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