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Arthur Goldhammer

Nicolas Sarkozy has just been elected head of UMP, the party he led before becoming president. Sarkozy hopes that the victory will give him a leg up in the battle to become France’s next president in 2017.

Rory Miller

Tomorrow, the French National Assembly is set to vote on a resolution recognizing a Palestinian state. Although the act would be nonbinding, the vote is a referendum on whether France can follow through on its claim as the West's truest champion of the Palestinian cause.

Michael Moran

France plans to sell Russia two helicopter carriers this year, giving the Russian navy something it currently lacks: the ability to carry out swift seaborne invasions on its neighbors. If Washington wants to sink the sale, it should should buy the ships itself.

Justin Vogt and Thomas Piketty

Justin Vogt, deputy managing editor of Foreign Affairs, sits down with Thomas Piketty, professor at the Paris School of Economics and the author of Capital in the Twenty-first Century.

Brendan Simms

Margaret Thatcher re-established the United Kingdom as a major force on the international scene. But she failed to see that the best hope for Europe's future was integration.

Review Essay, Mar/Apr 2013
Brendan Simms

Foreign policy realists have long found inspiration in the ideas of Lord Castlereagh, who served as British foreign secretary during and after the Napoleonic Wars. A new biography of the statesman presents him as more ideological than is traditionally assumed, and suggests that his example is more relevant than ever -- and might even hold the key to solving Europe's ongoing crisis.

Etienne de Durand

France's intervention in Mali has so far succeeded, but expelling Islamist militants was the easy part. Now Paris must turn its tactical achievements into a lasting victory -- which will require a light but enduring presence in the country.

Charles Walton

When Victor Hugo wrote the original Les Misérables, he aimed to reconcile France's Catholic and revolutionary traditions. But Tom Hooper's film adaptation of the musical version focuses on the redemptive power of religion, not of revolution, illustrating the modern world's pessimism about revolutionary change.

Review Essay, Jul/Aug 2012
Patrice L. R. Higonnet

Democratic revolutionaries always confront the same problem: how to replace the old order without replicating its flaws. A new biography of the French revolutionary Maximilien Robespierre's reveals that today's radicals might learn from Robespierre's failure to resolve that dilemma. 


Camille Pecastaing

Far from an improbable, uncharismatic president, Francois Hollande has been working quietly for decades as the bearer of a clear -- if utopian -- vision shared by many Europeans. He has studied the failures of the Fifth Republic's only other socialist leader, François Mitterrand, and is determined not to repeat his mistakes.

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