Eastern Europe & Caucasus

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Thomas J. Reese and Daniel I. Mark

Moscow is applying its restrictive laws in Crimea. As a result, Muslims, Jews, and even some Orthodox Christian groups are facing increasing discrimination.

Nicholas Waller

More than a decade after overt hostilities between Russia and Chechen separatists ended in the Caucasus, two old foes clash once again, this time in Ukraine.

Paul Stronski

Criminal and militant groups in eastern Ukraine, although formally united against the Ukrainian state, are mostly just interested in the spoils of war. The commanders of these groups have little incentive to build a peace that weakens their own power.

Olena Lennon

The nationalistic ideology among some in the Ukrainian diaspora is fueling extreme sentiments both abroad and in their homeland.

Rolf Mützenich

Despite being misdefined by proponents and detractors alike, a new détente with Russia offers a way out of a political and military stalemate in the Ukraine crisis.


We poll experts on whether they think the United States should arm Ukraine.

Michael Kofman

The second Minsk ceasefire agreement had an inauspicious beginning. But hope remains. Much of frontline has calmed down, and the sides have started to exchanges prisoners. Although the recent agreement may not provide a final solution to the conflict, it has good prospects of freezing it.

Van Jackson

Russia tends to make diplomatic overtures to North Korea whenever relations between Moscow and Washington sour. With U.S. strategy in Asia hanging in the balance, though, the repercussions of a stronger Russian-North Korean partnership could be different than ever before.

Alexander J. Motyl

If and when Russia becomes friendly toward the West, Ukraine’s strategic importance will fade. Until then, defending Ukraine’s interests—security, stability, prosperity, and democracy—is the best way to defend the West’s own.

Eric B. Schnurer

By launching an e-residency program, Estonia is leading the way to a new market—one in which states compete for customers just as businesses do.

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