Western Hemisphere

Edited by Charles Sabel, Eduardo Fernandez-Arias, Andres Rodriguez-Clare, and Ernesto Stein
Richard Feinberg

The traditional pessimism regarding Latin American economies is rapidly fading, and this high-quality collection of 11 success stories helps explain why.

Richard Feinberg

As Blofield incisively chronicles, until recently, household servants and nannies, who compose 15 percent of the economically active female population in Latin America, were systematically denied basic labor protections. But in country after country, their advocates have improved their lot by making good use of democratic processes.

Edited by Josh Kun and Fiamma Montezemolo
Richard Feinberg

An eclectic anthology of critical cultural studies, Tijuana Dreaming brings to life the tumultuous history of the border town’s shifting identity. Pilcher’s Planet Taco, meanwhile, tackles one of the central debates in Tijuana Dreaming: Can there be an “authentic” Mexico in the context of mass migrations and rapid global economic and cultural change?

William M. LeoGrande

In time for the 20th anniversary of the end of El Salvador’s decadelong civil war, Negroponte has written a detailed and nuanced account of the negotiations that led to peace.