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Ricardo Soares De Oliveira

The countries of East Africa are in the early throes of an oil boom, with an unprecedented opportunity for economic development. Unless they avoid the mistakes of those before them, though, the region's governments could easily squander it.

Johan Lagerkvist

Although China's leaders are intent on liberating the country's economy, they have outlined no such liberalization for China’s restless civil society. That approach may come back to haunt them.

Ellen Mickiewicz

Moscow had hoped to use breathless coverage of the Olympics to ease domestic anxiety after a rough year of protests and economic malaise. Unfortunately, however, news out of Ukraine has overshadowed all else and, as Russians tune in, they are only feeling more insecure.

Letter From,
Cara Eckholm

As Estonia, Ukraine, and many others have learned, tearing down monuments linked to the old guard is only a start. Deciding what to put in its place is the harder challenge.

Tarek Osman

In the coming weeks and years, the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood will likely undergo a painful internal struggle between those who want to give in to victimhood and respond with violence and those who realize that it is time to move on. The result will almost certainly be the group's fragmentation.

Erica Chenoweth

By deciding to hold mass sit-ins across Egypt, the pro-Morsi protesters were making use of a time-honored tactic of civil resistance. But tactics are the not the same as a strategy and, in this case, would not likely promote the very things that allow protests movements to succeed: diverse participation, the avoidance of repression, and the defection of regime loyalists.

Carrie Rosefsky Wickham

For the Muslim Brotherhood to play a constructive role in Egypt's rebirth, it will have to opt for cooperation. Here's why it might.

Nathan J. Brown

A rallying cry that united almost all Egyptians in 2011 was the need for a new constitutional order -- one that would promote democracy and impartiality. After the revolution, the new government tried to create one but failed. Here is how Egypt can do better this time.

Emma Sokoloff-Rubin

The massive protests of the past few weeks have demonstrated how deeply Brazilians feel the right to speak out against their government. But just 30 years ago, the country was ruled by a brutal dictatorship that blocked free expression. A group of young playwrights sought to change that.

David A. Bell

The angry protests in France against gay marriage resemble those in the United States. But the similarities are mostly on the surface. The French protesters are motivated less by conservative Christianity, than by ideas rooted in feminism.

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