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Gregory Feifer

Last December, an emotional defense of the Kremlin’s war in Ukraine began swirling around the Internet. Amid the volleys of opinion about Moscow’s actions, the provenance of this particular open letter stood out: its authors were descendants of some of the most powerful Russian aristocratic families that fled the country after the Bolshevik Revolution in 1917.

Victor Navasky

Given the long line of kings, dictators, bureaucrats, politicos, and other would-be censors who have taken drastic action against cartoons over the years, Charlie Hebdo should shock but not surprise.

Comment, SEPT/OCT 2014
Michael Kazin

Why are gay rights advancing while organized labor retreats? Because of a long-term trend in which the American left has largely succeeded in pushing its social agenda but not its economic one.

Ellen Mickiewicz

Moscow had hoped to use breathless coverage of the Olympics to ease domestic anxiety after a rough year of protests and economic malaise. Unfortunately, however, news out of Ukraine has overshadowed all else and, as Russians tune in, they are only feeling more insecure.

Glenn Kessler

A Moroccan nongovernmental organization called Capdema hopes to shake up the country's politics by creating a website that will check the claims of government officials. In doing so, Capdema will join a number of new such services across the globe; according to data assembled by Duke University’s Reporters’ Lab, more than 80 have been established since 2010.

Emma Sokoloff-Rubin

The massive protests of the past few weeks have demonstrated how deeply Brazilians feel the right to speak out against their government. But just 30 years ago, the country was ruled by a brutal dictatorship that blocked free expression. A group of young playwrights sought to change that.

Piotr Zalewski

As protests have raged in Istanbul and across Turkey these last two weeks, the press has rolled over and deferred to the ruling party -- a new low point for the country already known as the world’s top jailer of journalists.

David Robinson

Instead of complaining to the Chinese about Internet censorship and promoting niche software for dissidents to get around it, Washington should focus its energy on making sure American businesses in China have reliable and secure web access. That would be an easier sell in China and would help advance human rights more than the current approach.

Jason Q. Ng

See 11 phrases that are blocked on Weibo -- and learn the reasons why.

Alexis Wichowski

The U.S. embassy in Cairo's Twitter feed is once again embroiled in controversy. As the episode shows, tweeting can occasionally lead to trouble. But social media is good for governments and for citizens. For officials to ignore or disdain it would amount to professional malpractice.

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