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Today in History

Animal Rights, Animal Wrongs

The Case for Nonhuman Personhood

Russia on the Silver Screen

The Evil Empire from Lenin to Putin

China's Dangerous Debt

Why the Economy Could Be Headed for Trouble

Will China Crumble?

Foreign Affairs' Brain Trust Weighs In

Foreign Affairs Anthology Series

The ISIS Crisis

The nature of the ISIS threat, the current state of the war against it, and the options for what to do next.

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Paper Tiger Putin

The Failure of Russia's Anachronistic Antagonism

The Left Side of History

The Legacy of Bulgaria's Elena Lagadinova

Seduced by a Strongman?

Why Egypt's Sisi Could Be More Dangerous than Washington Thinks

Fortress Europe

Behind the Continent's Migrant Crisis

Racial Inequality After Racism

How Institutions Hold Back African Americans

What to Read on Marriage Equality

An Annotated Foreign Affairs Syllabus