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Foreign Affairs wins FOLIO: Eddie Award for Editorial Excellence

On October 31, Folio: magazine presented Foreign Affairs with an Eddie Award at its annual celebration of editorial excellence in magazine publishing. The distinction was garnered by the September/October 2015 issue—“Obama’s World”—in the category of “Consumer: Full Issue: News/General Interest.”

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The Power of Populist Rage, in the New Issue of Foreign Affairs

In November , millions of voters will cast their ballots for the most remarkable presidential candidate in the history of American politics, whose strident populism has been denounced even by many in his own party, begins Foreign Affairs Editor Gideon Rose in the

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THE FIX: How Nations Survive and Thrive in a World in Decline

Foreign Affairs’ Jonathan Tepperman Shares Answers to the World’s Biggest Problems from the Most Unexpected Places

September 20, 2016—We all know the bad news. The heady promise of the Arab Spring has given way to repression, civil war, and an epic refugee crisis. Economic growth is sputtering. Income inequality is rising around the world. And the threat of the self-declared Islamic State and other extremist groups keeps spreading. We are living in an age of unprecedented, irreversible decline—or so we're constantly being told.

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Tomorrow’s Military: September/October Issue of Foreign Affairs Asks What’s Next for U.S. Armed Forces

After fifteen years of constant fighting, the U.S. military is a different beast than it used to be—experienced, battle scarred, warier, more politically sensitive, and more technologically sophisticated. But will the challenges it faces over the coming decades be similar or different? How big does it have to be, and how nimble, armored with what weapons and training to meet what contingencies?

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Brexit and Beyond: Anthology Chronicles the United Kingdom's Ambivalent History With the EU

“After World War II, questions of political and economic integration [between the United Kingdom and continental Europe] displaced questions of military security, but how to share peace and prosperity has proved almost as difficult as how to avoid war,” writes Foreign Affairs Editor Gideon Rose in the introduction to the new anthology, “Beyond Brexit.” After the UK’s referendum vote to leave the European Union, Foreign Affairs has collected over 50

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The Struggle for Israel: July/August Issue Considers the Country’s Transformation

Israel—at least the largely secular and progressive version of Israel that once captured the world’s imagination—is over,” writes Aluf Benn, editor in chief of Israel’s Haaretz newspaper, in Foreign Affairs’ July/August issue. Israel’s leaders “see democracy as synonymous with unchecked majority rule and have no patience for restraints such as judicial review or the protection of minorities.

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Anthology Takes Before-and-After Look at Arab Spring, Five Years Later

On the fifth anniversary of the Arab Spring, most of the countries that saw protests and unrest have either returned to authoritarian rule or devolved into intractable violence. However, Middle East experts continue to disagree over whether 2011 marked a negative moment for the region.

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March/April 2016 Issue: The Global Economy Is Stuck. Why Does It Matter?

Globalization isn’t the only reason the world is flat. Since the 2008 financial crisis, the economies of developed and developing countries alike have experienced stubbornly flat growth. But what exactly does stagnation mean for politics, business, and everyday life? Notable experts aim to answer this question in the cover package, “The World Is Flat,” of the March/April issue of Foreign Affairs.

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Alphabet CFO Ruth Porat on Averting Slow Growth; How Immigration Spurs Innovation; and Why Google is Still an “Early-Stage” Company

Alphabet, Google’s parent company, surpassed Apple as the world’s most valuable company for the first time earlier this week. Despite the scale of Alphabet’s operations today, it is still in its “early stage” and focused on “getting the next billion users online,” said newly appointed Chief Financial Officer Ruth Porat in a recent interview with Foreign Affairs.

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Foreign Affairs Nominated for “General Excellence” National Magazine Award

Editorial influence and brand appeal grows with second consecutive nomination for top industry award

NEW YORK, NY—January 15, 2016—Foreign Affairs magazine, the world’s leading forum for serious discussion of global affairs, has received its second consecutive nomination for a National Magazine Award for General Excellence. The 2016 National Magazine Awards, the publishing industry’s highest honor, will be announced by the American Society of Magazine Editors (ASME) on February 1.

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A Foreign Affairs Special Package on Global Inequality

“Real incomes and wealth have stagnated for the vast majority of Americans, even as they have skyrocketed for those at the very top,” and this trend has largely been repeated across the developed world, writes Gideon Rose, editor of Foreign Affairs, in his introduction to the new issue’s package of articles on inequality. “These trends are starting to define our era. But what is driving them? What is the significance of the economic inequality that has resulted?

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News Release: Taking Stock of President Obama’s Foreign Policy Vision

Recent terrorist attacks have put President Obama’s response to the self-proclaimed Islamic State under heightened scrutiny, and a new article in the January/February 2016 issue of Foreign Affairs magazine pulls back the curtain on the decision-making process behind his foreign policy.