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List of articles to be included in anthology:

(Please cite your articles accurately, these citations will appear in the Table of Contents of your anthology.)

Publication Article Author Issue Date Pages

<% dim Publication Publication=Array("Foreign Affairs","American Journal of Intl Law","American Political Science Review","Foreign Policy","Great Decisions","International Organization","International Security","The National Interest","The New York Review of Books","Pew Case Studies","Political Science Quarterly","The SAIS Review","World Politics","World Policy Journal") private function selectpublication(j) selectpublication="

- Select Publication -

" for i = 0 to ubound(Publication) selectpublication=selectpublication+"


" next selectpublication=selectpublication+"

" end function dim j for j = 0 to 19%>

<%=selectpublication(j)%> .Article"/> .Author"/> .IssueDate"/> .Pages"/>

<%next for j = 20 to 24%>

.Publication"/> .Article"/> .Author"/> .IssueDate"/> .Pages"/>


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