Foreign Affairs Anthology Series

Essays for the Presidency

While campaigning for the highest office in the land, presidential hopefuls and their advisers have turned to Foreign Affairs to publish essays laying out how they see the world. Here is a collection of those articles, grouped by election year.

65 Articles

Table of Contents

2004: Kerry vs. Bush

2000: Gore vs. Bush

1992: Clinton vs. Bush

1988: Dukakis vs. Bush

1984: Mondale vs. Reagan

1976: Carter vs. Ford

1972: McGovern vs. Nixon

1968: Humphrey vs. Nixon

1964: Johnson vs. Goldwater

1960: Kennedy vs. Nixon

1956: Stevenson vs. Eisenhower

1952: Stevenson vs. Eisenhower

1948: Truman vs. Dewey

1944: Roosevelt vs. Dewey

1936: Roosevelt vs. Landon

1932: Roosevelt vs. Hoover

1928: Smith vs. Hoover

1924: Davis vs. Coolidge