Refugees: a World Problem

Courtesy Reuters

AS I write this article the news from Europe is distressing in the extreme. Hitler is in Vienna. Central Europe is in turmoil, as every small state of the Danubian Basin feels the increasing pressure of Nazidom. Great Britain, and, following her leadership, France, are considering whether -- and if so how -- to protect Czechoslovakia, and whether -- and if so how -- to save even a modified League of Nations. The Soviet system seems in a state of serious disintegration. The war in Spain continues, to what final dénouement we cannot yet foresee. But one thing is certain: these chaotic situations cannot fail to add to a problem which is already a world headache -- the problem of dispossessed racial and political minorities.

If one side or the other wins the Spanish civil war there will immediately be a forced emigration of political refugees. Every indication from

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