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Refugee Settlement in the Tropics

UNSCIENTIFIC racial theories and cruel persecutions are rendering hundreds of thousands of Europeans homeless. Does the advance of genuine scientific knowledge offer these unhappy creatures homes in tropical regions which in the past have proved forbidding to whites?

In recent years white emigration to the tropics did not appear of outstanding importance from the long-time viewpoint. It is true that the tropics contain some ten to twelve millions of white settlers, together with large numbers of sojourners, representing the great white Powers which administer and control the people, industry and commerce of many tropical lands. But Kuczynski and other modern demographers have shown that the increase of nearly all white peoples is declining, or is likely to decline. In normal circumstances, therefore, white emigration to the tropics seemed certain to decrease.

Now, however, the picture is changing, owing to the nationalist evolution of pseudo-biological theories which lead to the persecution and expatriation of numerous ethnic minority groups. To take only one of the afflicted peoples, it is estimated that in 1938 there were 499,682 Jews in Germany, 191,408 in Austria, 356,830 in Czechoslovakia and 3,028,837 in Poland.

This persecution has led various governments and relief organizations to consider the dispatch of white refugees to tropical regions such as British Guiana and the northwest part of Western Australia. We may note in passing how frequently such relief schemes are designed to send the unfortunate refugees to the periphery of settlement. This is because the governments of many countries -- even those which still offer ample living space -- fear the difficulties arising from refugee settlement, the creation of minorities and of minority problems, and the long arms of the persecuting Powers. Sometimes, too, labor fears the competition of refugee immigrants. Racial antipathy also frequently exists. All this increases the importance of sparsely populated tropical countries as potential zones of white refugee settlement.

Another and allied development is the growth of nationalism in the spheres of both politics and economics. Italy's conquest of Ethiopia and the demands of

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