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Unrra, Sample of World Organization

MOLOTOV, Eden, Hull and Foo Ping-Sheung, speaking for their governments, jointly declared at Moscow on October 30 that "they recognized the necessity of establishing at the earliest practicable date a joint international organization . . . for the maintenance of international peace and security." As indicated by the House's adoption of the Fulbright Resolution by a vote of 360 to 29, and the Senate's adoption of the Connally Resolution by a vote of 85 to 5, this country recognizes the necessity for such an organization. As for the other countries, there is abundant evidence that we are merely in the position of catching up with the rest of the procession.

This is not said, of course, to underestimate the importance of the fact that the new "Big Four" saw fit to make public confession of their faith in this matter. The fourth article of their now famous Moscow Declaration constitutes a challenge for the production of a master plan. Attempts to meet that challenge are being made daily in pamphlets, in the press, between stiff covers, and on the platform. The challenger, however, still rides the lists, waiting the entry of his conqueror.

The problem of how to maintain international peace and security is now of a respectable age. The doubt is not whether there is such a question but whether we have learned enough from the mistakes which have already been made in the effort to solve it. Perhaps it is worth while to add to the current flow of ink some comments on past efforts to draw up master plans and then to discuss one current laboratory sample.


As we look back at the trends in international organization, from the time of the extraordinarily perceptive decisions reached by the Powers at the Congress of Vienna in 1815 down to the inspired but hapless decisions of Versailles in 1919, we are able to identify certain phases and characteristics.

In the first place, there were steps toward international organization which had their roots in political group decisions. These early manifestations

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