Francois Lenoir / Reuters A NATO Airborne Warning and Control Systems aircraft.

Nato's Growing Pains

ANYONE who sets out to comment on the problems of NATO might well keep before him Dryden's lines to Lord Chancellor Hyde:

How strangely active are the arts of peace, Whose restless motions less than war's do cease! Peace is not freed from labour, but from noise; And war more force, but not more pains, employs.

The North Atlantic Treaty has been in effect for upward of three years. During this period NATO, the organization created under the Treaty, has been in restless motion toward its goal. And today because of NATO, and the pain and labor it has both suffered and caused, we are considerably nearer that goal--the safeguarding of the security of the North Atlantic area.

Rapid and effective organization on the military plane coupled with great leadership have stiffened military strength on the continent of Europe and substantially improved the position over that of three years, two years or one year ago. This strength, which now can be seen and felt, has brought a return of confidence that the defense of Western Europe is practicable--an intangible which is fundamental to the whole effort. The political unity of the alliance, which now extends from the North Cape to the Black Sea, has nullified, so far as its members are concerned, the Soviet tactic of dividing and absorbing which accomplished the destruction of Czechoslovakia. And, of importance beyond the present emergency, the North Atlantic Powers have found a means of bringing Germany into the circle of Western democracies; and by supporting and encouraging the European Defense Community, which is closely associated with NATO, they have made a major and, it is to be hoped, lasting contribution to the union of Western Europe.

But while many problems have been solved, many remain. A great deal of the labor and the pains of the Treaty organization went to prepare the decisions of the North Atlantic Council at Lisbon in February of this year. The Lisbon decisions were widely accepted as most important

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