CONTAINMENT: 40 Years Later : The Cold War

Courtesy Reuters

Editor’s Note. This article is excerpted from a series of articles that appeared in the New York Herald Tribune in 1947; the full series was republished by Harper & Brothers under the title, The Cold War: A Study in U.S. Foreign Policy. Copyright © 1947 by Walter Lippmann; used with permission of the President and Fellows of Harvard College.

Mr. X’s article is . . . not only an analytical interpretation of the sources of Soviet conduct. It is also a document of primary importance on the sources of American foreign policy—of at least that part of it which is known as the Truman Doctrine.

As such I am venturing to examine it critically in this essay. My criticism, I hasten to say at once, does not arise from any belief or hope that our conflict with the Soviet government is imaginary or that it can be avoided, or ignored, or easily disposed

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