In Memoriam: Samuel P. Huntington

To commemorate the life of Samuel P. Huntington, the preeminent political scientist of the second half of the twentieth century, Foreign Affairs has made available this selection of writings by and about him from our pages.

Selected Essays From Foreign Affairs

July 1968
The Bases of Accommodation
by Samuel P. Huntington

In Memoriam
William G. Hyland

Photo: Jon Chase/Harvard News Office

Samuel P. Huntington

April 18, 1927 — December 24, 2008

Scholar, Teacher, Friend

America and the World 1987/88
Coping with the Lippman Gap
by Samuel P. Huntington

Winter 1988/89
The US — Decline or Renewal
by Samuel P. Huntington

Summer 1993
The Clash of Civilizations?
by Samuel P. Huntington

November/December 1996
The West: Unique, Not Universal
by Samuel P. Huntington

September/October 1997
The Erosion of American National Interests
by Samuel P. Huntington

March/April 1999
The Lonely Superpower
by Samuel P. Huntington

Huntington's Books in Foreign Affairs

September/October 1997
The Soldier and the State: The Theory and Politics of Civil-Military Relations
Reviewed by Eliot A. Cohen

September/October 1997
Political Order in Changing Societies
Reviewed by Francis Fukuyama

Winter 1981/82
American Politics: The Promise of Disharmony
Reviewed by Gaddis Smith

Spring 1992
The Third Wave: Democratization In The Late Twentieth Century
Reviewed by Andrew J. Pierre

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