To commemorate the life of Kenneth N. Waltz, one of the most eminent political scientists of the twentieth century, Foreign Affairs has made available this selection of writings by and about him from our pages.

Selected Essays From Foreign Affairs

In Memoriam
Kenneth N. Waltz

Kenneth N. Waltz

 June 8, 1924 — May 13, 2013

Scholar, Teacher, Friend

July/ August 2012
Why Iran Should Get the Bomb
by Kenneth N. Waltz

September / October 2012
Iran and the Bomb
by Kenneth N. Waltz and Colin H. Kahl

Waltz's Books in Foreign Affairs

May/June 1995
The Spread of Nuclear Weapons: A Debate
Reviewed by Eliot A. Cohen

October 1959
Man, the State and War: a Theoretical Analysis
Reviewed by Henry L. Roberts

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