Trade Rivalries in Argentina

Courtesy Reuters

THE supreme importance of European trade with the South American continent in the era prior to 1914 is nowhere better exemplified than in the economic and financial history of the Argentine Republic. Based on the stony pillars of racial kinship and cumulative financial investment, the relations between Argentina and the Old World seemed immovable. Thus when the Centennial Exhibition, held in Buenos Aires in 1910 as an epitome of the progress of the Republic, demonstrated the advance that had been made, it also served to bring into high relief the strength, variety, and intrinsic importance of Argentina's European connections.

To quote statistics of that epoch would but stress the financial and commercial side of the relationship; it would not, obviously, illustrate the relative importance of the intellectual and ethnic connections, or the means whereby they were maintained and fostered. These important factors of contact were not overlooked. The French and German medical

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